Scribble Table

Scribble Table (2)

Veronika wants to scribble anywhere and everywhere these day, so today I made it easy for her – not to mention extra fun! – by setting up a low “scribble table”.

All you need for this activity is a table that’s about waist-high on your child, such as a coffee table or craft table. Cover it with long sheets of craft paper, taping securely and making sure that no tabletop shows through.

Add jumbo crayons and you’re ready to go!

Scribble Table (1)

Veronika was thrilled to learn she could scribble on a normally-taboo surface. She made lots of, well, scribbles of course!

Scribble Table (3)

She even experimented with holding multiple crayons at once.

Scribble Table (5)

I added a few simple drawings and depictions for her, but mostly I just left the craft paper blank as her canvas to fill in throughout the day.

Scribble Table (4)

Big brother did later realize he could use this as a backdrop for Lego games, making scenes of pirate ships and sea monsters. So we got multiple uses out of it!

Scribble Table (7)

One note of caution: You may want to avoid this game with a toddler who is too young to follow directions, otherwise they might start to think any table or piece of furniture is fair game for scribbling.

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