Glue Play

Glue Play (2)

Your toddler is going to be a using a lot of glue in the next few years, since it’s part of just about every nursery school and preschool project. But how often is glue itself the object of play? The point of this activity was simply for Veronika to explore glue… and yes, you can probably count on it to be messy.

I lined the bottom of a shallow tray with two pieces of construction paper just to contain some of that mess, and then showed her how to squeeze a glue bottle.

Glue Play (1)

Squeezing glue bottles is actually great for muscle development in the hands, and she was so proud when she could do this all by herself. “Dot dot dot!” she said.

Glue Play (3)

Then we opened up the nozzle and really let the glue pour out, which she found fascinating.

Glue Play (4)

From here, she wanted to touch it, and I used the word “sticky” as she played. She was not at all afraid to get hands-on with the stuff.

Glue Play (6)

Thinking to extend the play, I added a few plastic spoons and little pom poms she could sprinkle into the glue.

Glue Play (5)

But really she was mostly interested in the glue itself! Then it was time for a hand wipe and clean up.

Glue Play (7)

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