Improv Games, 3 Ways

Improv Games (2)

Travis and Veronika were playing dress-up this afternoon and I seized on the opportunity to introduce a few improv games. It was a reminder that Travis is missing out on such play, now that his acting class is cancelled for the season, and it felt good to have silly fun!

First, we warmed up with a round of “Zip Zap Zop”. Point your hands at another person (ideally you’ll want three or more people, although Travis and I made do just the two of us) and slide them against each other, saying “Zip!” The next person says “Zap!” and then on to a third person (or back to the original first), who says “Zop!” Repeat and get faster and faster until everyone is hopelessly giggling.

Improv Games (1)

You’re warmed up!

Next we played “Yes, Let’s!” I demonstrated for Travis how to say, “Hey everyone, let’s all…” after which you choose an action. First we rode on broomsticks! Travis predictably had us marching like Darth Vader.  We also hopped like frogs, at which point baby sister wanted to join in.

Improv Games (3)

For the final game, we played “World’s Worst”, i.e. a firefighter who decided to chill out instead of fighting a fire.

Improv Games (7)

We were world’s worst construction workers dropping things or world’s worst weight lifter, too weak to lift a beach ball. Travis really got into these!

Improv Games (6)

It was great to have pure silly fun together.

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