Cling Wrap Painting

Cling Wrap Painting (9)

Veronika loves to smoosh her fingers through paint, and today I found a way to make that smooshing a part of the process, minus the mess!

To start, cover your work surface and lay down sheets of white paper. Set out plastic cups filled with paint, and add a plastic spoon in each cup.

Cling Wrap Painting (1)

I showed her how to use the spoons to dribble paint onto the paper. Veronika liked making both big blobs and using the edge of the spoon more like a paintbrush.

Cling Wrap Painting (3)

When each page was filled with enough splotches and blobs (and just when her hands were itching to get messy in the paint!) I laid a piece of cling wrap over the paper. Make sure the paper is completely covered.

Cling Wrap Painting (5)

Now use your hands to smooth over the paint.

Cling Wrap Painting (7)

The blobs will squish and flatten in a fun sensory way. You’ll get some color mixing, too! I pointed out to her where our blues and yellows had made green, or where red and blue had mashed together for purple.

Cling Wrap Painting (6)

Lift up the cling wrap and set the painting aside to dry completely before displaying your little one’s art.

Cling Wrap Painting (8)

This was a novel painting method, and her hands even stayed (mostly!) clean.

Cling Wrap Painting (2)

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