Kindergarten Home School Week 9: Friday

Home School 45 c

Life threw us a curve ball today with baby sister under the weather. Honestly I’m amazed any school work got done with Travis at all, but we squeezed in a little.

9-9.15: Social Studies. After a workbook page about different stores in a neighborhood, I invited Travis to set up the store of his choosing. He opted for a toy store, and loved setting up baby sister’s toys to “sell”.

Home School 45 a

9.15-9.30: Math. He did one math workbook page that skip-counted Ewoks, so then of course we needed to play skip-count hopscotch. (Simply make a hopscotch board where each jump is worth 2 points).

Home School 45 b

9.30-10: Snack/free play.

10-10.15: Science. After an encyclopedia page and QR link about dinosaurs, we repeated an old favorite activity: visualizing how big dinosaurs really were with masking tape. Because we played indoors, we had to cap ourselves at the 30 foot stegosaurus.

Home School 45 g

10.15-11: ELA. Following his teacher’s recommendation, we listened to two versions of the Three Little Pigs: one from the pigs’ point of view and the second from the wolf’s!

Home School 45 d

Travis did a compare and contrast (what was the same, what was different). We then sequenced the story and made little puppets to act it out.

Home School 45 f

For a little STEM extension, the idea was to build the house of bricks from Legos….though you may notice he veered off into Star Wars direction. Finally, Travis also did about 10 minutes on Lexia.

Home School 45 i

That was it for the day; Travis enjoyed a movie, which was well-earned. He also had the special treat of an online session with a local high school student through a new town initiative. This was fantastic, and we were so thankful to our new buddy!

Home School 45 h

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