Fabric Free Play

Fabric Free Play (4)

Veronika is legitimately obsessed with stars, so when I found a swatch of star-print fabric in my craft bin, I knew I had to let her play with it. It prompted the idea to let her play with lots of fabric scraps, and this turned into great sensory and solo play!

Fabric Free Play (9)

First, I showed her how to simply pile the fabric scraps in and out of a small box. She needed no further demonstration, and loved moving the scraps in, out, into smaller boxes, back to bigger boxes… You name it!

Fabric Free Play (12)

Inevitably, your toddler will probably let the fabric rain down like confetti!

Fabric Free Play (6)

She then had a game going in her head with the big star-print piece, pretending it was her bed.

Fabric Free Play (5)

For some learning fun, point out any different colors and patterns you might have. I showed her the difference between big dots and little dots. Or between polka dots and stripes.

Fabric Free Play (14)

You can help your child sort them by color or pattern, too. Finally, you can turn this into movement and music play! I took the longest strips of fabric and tied them to a jingle bell ring from our music bin.

Fabric Free Play (8)

She loved shaking this in the air.

Fabric Free Play (16)

Later in the day, I turned to find her busy with the fabric swatches again. So busy in fact that I had time to bake a cake!

Fabric Free Play (13)

So before you toss any fabric scraps, don’t forget that they make a fantastic toddler toy.

Fabric Free Play (11)

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