Foam Blocks in Water

Foam Blocks in Water (3)

Veronika has a versatile set of foam building blocks that we play with all the time, whether purely for building or more for learning. But never before have we put them in water!

As soon as I spotted this idea online, I realized what a no-brainer it was. Of course the foam floats! I filled a plastic storage bin with just enough water for the blocks to float and placed it on the floor over a towel to catch any splashing. (Note: You could just do this outside on a water table on a hot day!).

Foam Blocks in Water (2)

Veronika was thrilled to see something old look new and different. She began reaching in immediately, delighted both to fetch out the blocks (“Triangle!” she said) and to feel the splashy water all around them.

Foam Blocks in Water (5)

Mostly I just let her play, but we also sorted the blocks by color at one point.

Foam Blocks in Water (4)

There was lots of splashing and lots of excitement as the blocks floated around almost like little boats. The water also makes the blocks stick to each other, which makes it perfect for building up little towers and castles.

Foam Blocks in Water (8)

We definitely ended with water all over the floor, making this messy but worth it.

Foam Blocks in Water (9)

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