Kindergarten Home School Week 10: Wednesday

Home School 48 d

I’m hitting a nice stride now where I touch on the concepts that Travis’s teacher sends each day, but we learn them in our own way. This method keeps Travis’s skills up to state standards and keeps him focused. Please share how your home school journey is going in the comments!

9-9.30: Math. After a quick Star Wars workbook page introducing the notion of tens place and ones place, Travis was left with a string of numbers all in the teens. We ordered these from least to greatest on a sheet sent home from the teacher. We followed it up with a game of War which is fantastic for teaching kids to recognize the greater or lesser number quickly.

Home School 48 a

9.30-10: STEM. After reading about boats in his encyclopedia and watching a QR video, Travis tested how he could make play dough float. If he shaped it into a ball, it sank!

Home School 48 e

But once we hollowed it out like a real boat, it floated (though you can see that it was far from water-tight). Little sister got in some boat play, too!

Home School 48 f

10-10.30: ELA. His workbook pages focused on J and K, and he did 20 minutes on Lexia.

Home School 48 k

To add to the J lesson, he traced his name in jelly, then got in some quick exercise for each J verb (jump, jog etc.). Then we headed outside with a kite for…

10.30-11: Recess/snack. He tried hard to get that kite up in the air!

Home School 48 j

11-11.30: Library. His teacher read a yoga book and sent videos of sample poses. Travis wasn’t interested, but we did dot-color a spring picture together as we watched.

Home School 48 h

11.30-1.30: Lunch/free play.

1.30-2: Zoom. Travis is getting the hang of sitting still for this half hour with his teacher and classmates, and even shared that he’s thankful for his sister.

2-3: Outside. The best part of the day was a trip to a local farm for strawberries, both to celebrate National Pick Strawberries Day and as a nice follow-up to yesterday’s lesson on living and nonliving resources.

His bedtime story was Separate is Never Equal.

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