National Pick Strawberries Day

Pick Your Own Strawberries (3)

I love learning of random “national holidays” like this one and tailoring the kids’ activities to them. This year, unfortunately, we couldn’t pick our own strawberries to mark May 20. Still, even amending our outing for social distancing made the afternoon special and exciting.

First we headed to a local farm stand that is selling “curbside” with an honor system from their porch!

Pick Your Own Strawberries (1)

This was a fantastic opportunity just for the kids to view the fields, smell fresh herbs in pots, and have an understanding of where food comes from.

Pick Your Own Strawberries (2)

Could we actually pick our own strawberries? Not today, but I picked up a case of strawberries from the market, and it tricked Travis! “Someone picked these today!” he said proudly.

When we got home, Travis so carefully helped rinse the strawberries (and fresh basil we bought to go with them!)

Pick Your Own Strawberries (4)

The snack that followed was a strawberry love fest. Ok, so we didn’t actually pick them, but we sure celebrated them today.

Pick Your Own Strawberries (5)

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