Bird Watch

Birdwatch (7)

Veronika adores birds right now, whether the tweets she hears on our walks or spotting them out the window. So as a follow-up to a few easy bird feeders we recently made, we thought about birds in a few other ways today.

First up: just listening to their sounds! I put a CD of bird song on Spotify as we sat down together to…

Birdwatch (1)

…read a bird book! She has a great board book about birds, and right now we have to sit and go through it at least twice a day.

Birdwatch (2)

We repeated a favorite bird feeder (pine cones rolled in peanut butter and sunflower seeds), and also made a string of unsalted circle pretzels on yarn. She loved hanging this one from our tree.

Birdwatch (3)

Now when the birds come, we stop to watch through the window!

Birdwatch (6)

A final fun idea is to leave a few pieces of yarn on your back patio. Birds use them this time of year for nests.


Birdwatch (4)

Maybe we’ll even spot a colorful strand on a future walk around the neighborhood.

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