Mini Mask

Mini Mask (7)

This cute mask will make your toddler laugh and might lead to lots more dress-up play!

To make the mask, cut a rectangle from paper that is 6×4 inches. Veronika loved helping me draw lines along a ruler!

Mini Mask (3)

Place a quarter in the center and trace around it for a nose, then repeat for the eyes.

Mini Mask (2)

Now add lots of silly features with crayons! While I worked on the “real” version, I gave Veronika extra paper and crayons to draw too. Side-by-side art like this is a great way to involve toddlers in crafts that are beyond their skill level; it makes them feel like big helpers.

Mini Mask (5)

Cut out the mask, as well as the eye and nose holes. I showed her how to hold it up to her face.

Mini Mask (6)

And to my own!

Mini Mask (10)

At the same time, I had dragged over our box of dress up supplies and she immediately latched on to the idea of combining the mask with a costume.

Mini Mask (8)

We added hats, capes, accessories and more as she held up the mask to her face.

Mini Mask (9)

I quickly realized we needed a handle of some sort, so I taped a craft stick to the mask that she could hold on to as she lifted it toward her face. She loved the silly expression I had drawn, and sometimes just wanted to look at it and giggle!

Mini Mask (12)

I love crafts like this that might seem small and quick, but which easily lead to an extension of play. One small mask kept her busy with the dress-up box for nearly half an hour!

Mini Mask (11)

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