Spongy Pencil Toppers

Spongy Pencil Toppers (7)

These fun pencil toppers were the final craft Travis and I put together to round out his new school supply swag. They’re perfect for any pencils where the eraser is completely worn down to a nub.

I had a bag of makeup sponges that we use for face paint, and the triangle shape made them the perfect candidates to turn into painted miniatures of triangular foods. Think: slices of cake, wedges of cheese, or sandwiches.

Squishy Pencil Toppers (1)

A little puffy paint was all we needed.

Squishy Pencil Toppers (3)

This one was a piece of cake (heh).

Squishy Pencil Toppers (2)

Then we tested out other ideas, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (blue and yellow paint). Travis wanted a mint chocolate cake, which we made with black and green paints.

Spongy Pencil Toppers (5)

Let the puffy paint dry completely, then add details like beads on top for cherry garnishes.

Spongy Pencil Toppers (8)

Once the glue dries, poke the sharp end of a pencil into the bottom of the sponge to make a hole. (Note: You can also secure the sponges with hot glue for added security). Insert onto the eraser end of the pencil and write away!

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