Apple Seeds and Shake-Ups

Apple Seed Count (4)

Fall is my favorite season and I’m so excited to share it with Veronika this year, the first year that she’s really aware of the change in seasons. Today we celebrated the first day of fall with the season’s most iconic fruit: apples!

First, we sat down together with an apple that I’d cut into quarters and took out all the seeds, counting them onto a paper plate.

Apple Seed Count (1)

In addition to being simple math, this will show your toddler how a new baby apple tree starts!

Apple Seed Count (2)

As she plinked the apple seeds into a little paper cup, I peeled the apple and thinly sliced it. Fill a small plastic bag with 2 tablespoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Add the apple slices, seal, and encourage your toddler to shake it.

Apple Shake-Ups (1)

Ta da! An instant autumn snack: Apple Shake-Ups.

Apple Shake-Ups (3)

Veronika ate almost the whole apple she loved it so much!

Apple Shake-Ups (4)

We had one more apple sitting on the cutting board, but instead of eating that one, we dipped the slices in paint.

Apple Seed Count (3)

I gave her red and yellow paint, in keeping with our autumnal theme, with the bonus we got orange prints, too, once the paints mixed. She wasn’t as interested in this part of the craft, but overall we had apple-tastic fun.

Apple Seed Count (5)


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