Spooky Treat Holders

Halloween Treat Bags (5)

These easy treat containers are a great way to hand out Halloween candy this year without kids reaching into a communal bowl. Make a few or a lot, and leave on a patio or table where kids can easily take a single serving. They’re a fun alternative to a standard treat bag.

To assemble, first wrap empty toilet paper tubes in crepe paper or ribbon. I made one version with orange ribbon and another with white crepe paper. Other fun ideas include: green (for Frankenstein!), blue (for silly monsters!), black (for bats!) or even tricolor white-orange-yellow for candy corn.

Halloween Treat Bags (1)

As you wrap, you’ll need to work carefully, wrapping one side of the paper or ribbon and then applying glue before wrapping the next section. Wrap, glue, wrap, glue, repeat until the tube is completely covered.

Now add details with pieces of cut construction paper or marker. For example, add wiggle eyes to the blue monster, if you’ve used blue crepe paper or ribbon. Our orange ones became pumpkins and white became ghosts.

Halloween Treat Bags (3)

You can then use either cellophane treat bags or regular zip-top bags to stuff candy inside. I filled baggies with a few treats (make sure the stuffed bag is narrow enough to fit inside the tube), and insert into your spooky creations.

Halloween Treat Bags (4)

We’re ready for contact-free trick-or-treaters!


Halloween Countdown Day 27: Doll Trick-or-Treat

Halloween 27 Doll Trick or Treat (2)

The kids won’t actually be knocking on doors and shouting out “trick-or-treat!” this year, so I wanted a way for them to at least simulate the fun. An easy alternative? Have all the dolls in your house stage a practice round before the big day!

This was a fun way to show Veronika, especially, what the holiday normally looks like since she’s too young to remember last year. We used a pack of Smarties (the perfect doll-sized treat) and sprinkled a few behind the door of her dollhouse.

Halloween 27 Doll Trick or Treat (4)

The kids were having so much fun with the charade that we set up a whole neighborhood. Soon there was a castle and a stable in town, with treats behind each door. Knock knock!

Halloween 27 Doll Trick or Treat (3)

I loved watching the kids play this simple game together as our countdown nears the grand finale.

Halloween 27 Doll Trick or Treat (5)