Harvest Word Games

Harvest Word Games (7)

To finish the fun with Travis’s Harvest Party Raddish Kids, it was time for harvest party games! These were fun to play just with our family, but would also be the perfect games if you’re able to safely social distance with extended family. Perhaps over a tractor harvest-themed party?

First up was Autumn Doodles. Shuffle a pile of harvest word cards. (Note: Raddish provided these, but you could also make your own.

Harvest Word Games (1)

Write an autumn word or phrase on each slip of paper, such as “apple picking” or “hay ride”).

Harvest Word Games (4)

Select a card (we got “scarecrow”) and everyone in the family then draws their interpretation! We simply had fun laughing and checking out each other’s different takes on the same topic. Older kids might want to make it a competition, in which case you can appoint a judge who picks the “best” drawing.

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Next up: Fall Danger! One player picks a card and then has to describe that harvest word, but can’t say three danger words listed below it (e.g. for “apple cider” you couldn’t say “juice” “drink” or “fruit”). This one was a little hard for Travis to grasp, but he caught on after his dad and I demonstrated a few rounds! If you’re playing with a larger crowd, make teams.

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You won’t be able to play the final game with anyone outside of your COVID-19 bubble since this one does involve leaning in close, but get ready for… Farmer’s Telephone!

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This one had us roaring with laughter. For example, “I like the smell in the kitchen when I’m baking a pie” turned into “I like the smell of witches while they’re drinking rye” turned into “I like smelly witches!”

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Halloween Countdown Day 25: Spider Countdown

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (5)

We’re one week away from Halloween, and it was time for a countdown-within-our-countdown! With only a few days left, I had to up the ante on the anticipation for the kids.

I had originally planned to hang plastic spiders on a large piece of black felt for this activity, adhering them with Velcro sticky dots. But I couldn’t find a large enough piece of black felt, so had to improvise a bit.

I painted a piece of poster board black, then added Velcro dots (and some hot glue for extra security) to attach white yarn in the shape of a spider web.

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (3)T

o make the “spiders”, first fill plastic Easter eggs with a few small candies (we love Giggles, an organic alternative to Skittles), or other Halloween trinkets, then close tightly.

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (2)

Use hot glue to add pipe cleaner legs and a Velcro dot to the back of each spider.

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (8)

Add the other halves of the Velcro dots to your poster board (or felt, if using) and then stick on the spiders. Now mark each spider with dots in permanent black marker. The first spider gets one dot, the second gets two, and so on up to seven.

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (6)

In the morning, the kids came down and discovered this web of delights. I asked Travis to find the spider with only one dot, which he then proudly pulled off and opened up for a surprise.

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (7)

Needless to say, candy before breakfast meant happy kids.

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (9)

Tomorrow they’ll move on to spider #2. This should tide them over until the big day!

Halloween 25 Spider Web Countdown (10)