Halloween Countdown Day 24: Hallo-Bowling

Halloween 24 Hallo-Bowling (2)

In the summer, it was giant inflatable unicorn bowling around here. Now that it’s fall, it was time for Hallo-Bowling!

To make this spooky spin on regular bowling, first cover paper towel tubes with white crepe paper. You’ll need to work carefully, wrapping a layer of crepe paper, applying glue, wrapping again, and then repeating all the way down the tube. It was almost like making mummy wraps!

Halloween 24 Hallo-Bowling (1)

I then added big round Os for eyes and mouths with black marker. Set up your pins in a triangle, and now here’s the extra Halloween twist: your bowling ball is a round pumpkin!

The rounder your little pumpkin, the better. Then just set up the pins and give it a roll.

Halloween 24 Hallo-Bowling (3)

Travis, especially, loved watching those wide-eyed ghosts get knocked down.

Halloween 24 Hallo-Bowling (5)


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