Maze Through Lentils

Maze Through Lentils (9)

Veronika is obsessed with tractors and other farm machinery, so this sensory bin was a great way to bring the farm play home. It also doubles as a learning maze!

To set up, make a line of masking tape on the bottom of a shallow tray, forming a path from start to finish.. I wanted this to be fairly simple for Veronika to follow, but made a few zigs and zags.

Maze Through Lentils (1)

Add the words ‘start’ and ‘finish’ for early sight words!

Maze Through Lentils (5)

Next, I covered the whole tray with red lentils. Add miniature farm-themed items, whether miniature animals or seasonal miniatures, or anything else that fits the theme. We used mini hay bales, tiny gourds, and of course a little wheelbarrow.

Maze Through Lentils (2)

Could we get the wheelbarrow from start to finish? I showed Veronika how to scrape her finger through the lentils to uncover the path.

Maze Through Lentils (6)

Big brother Travis wanted to jump in for this part!

Maze Through Lentils (7)

Now the goal was the drive the wheelbarrow along the path, making this count as Veronika’s very first maze. Of course she also loved driving it all through the lentils, leaving the tape path behind completely.

Maze Through Lentils (10)

The mini farm items were so fun to play with in further imaginative play.

Maze Through Lentils (8)

She moved items around and “planted” the gourds in the field, and kept busy with the sensory tray for nearly half an hour.


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