Halloween Countdown Day 23: Boo Someone!

Halloween 23 Boo Bags (4)

It’s safe to say this was Travis’s favorite of our countdown activities so far this Halloween season. We decided to “Boo” a few friends with goodie bags, a tradition that seems to be gaining traction.

First up was a trip to the store to select goodies for the Boo Bags. A local retailer had all the treats we needed for this trick, including goodie bags and little Halloween trinkets (think stickers, wind-up monsters, pencils, and individually-wrapped candies).

Halloween 23 Boo Bags (3)

At home, we printed out the Boo note to go with each bag. If you’re new to the tradition, the recipient hangs a “We’ve been BOO’d” sign in the window, then copies the directions and “Boos” two other friends, keeping the fun alive. Travis loved stuffing the bags with our treats.

Halloween 23 Boo Bags (2)

We colored in the notes since our printer is black-and-white, and then it was time to sneak off and drop them at doorsteps.

Halloween 23 Boo Bags (5)

The goal is to be as sneaky as a ghost and try not to get caught!

Halloween 23 alt

Well, it turns out that Travis and I are terrible ghosts! We were spotted at every single one of our drop-offs, but it gave all the kids a good laugh which turned out to be half the fun.

Halloween 23 Boo Bags (6)

Did you Boo someone this Halloween? Please share in the comments!


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