Halloween Countdown Day 22: Boo-Dos!

Halloween 22 Boo Dos (2)

Forget hairdos; tell your kids that today you’re giving them boo-dos!

This is a fun game to play in the tub, especially if your kids aren’t big fans of shampoo and need a boost to make it playful. Travis’s ‘do looked like a little ghost tail.

Halloween 22 Boo Dos (1)

Or perhaps the top-knot of a samurai warrior.

Halloween 22 Boo Dos (4)

Veronika had spikes just like a stegosaurus. “I’m a dinosaur!” she said with delight.

Halloween 22 Boo Dos (3)

The kids loved looking at pictures of their silly ‘dos long after bath was over. This was the easiest way yet to dress up in costume as Halloween approaches.


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