Torn Paper Apple Sun Catcher

Apple Tree Suncatcher (8)

Before the fall ends, I wanted to do a few apple-themed crafts with Veronika, and this particular activity resulted as an extension of an apple-themed story time. So start with an apple book your child loves! Apples by Gail Gibbons, is a classic, and we also read Dr. Seuss’s Ten Apples Up on Top and Secrets of the Apple Tree from Usborne Books.

Apple Tree Suncatcher (1)

Now it was time to make an apple! Tape down a piece of contact paper with the sticky side up. I drew a big red circle on the paper with a marker, and then tore up pieces of construction paper in red and green. I invited Veronika to start filling in the apple with the torn pieces.

Apple Tree Suncatcher (2)

She was less interested than I thought she would be, but she did lay down a few pieces of paper and I then filled in the rest.

Apple Tree Suncatcher (3)

When finished, cover with a second sheet of contact paper, wedging a brown paper stem in between, and then cut out.

Apple Tree Suncatcher (6)

This is yet another craft that makes a dazzling display in the window.

Apple Tree Suncatcher (7)

It would probably have been even prettier with red tissue paper, but we recently used ours up! Still, the construction paper worked in a pinch.

Apple Tree Suncatcher (9)


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