Bedtime Buddy

Bedtime Buddy (7)

This craft was originally meant as an extension of a Getting Dressed activity Veronika and I did months ago, but this time the idea was to make 3-D version of herself, not a flat one. It turned out that the project was beyond my crafting abilities (full disclosure: I cannot sew) but it was still fun to play with the materials as we made an attempt!

Bedtime Buddy (1)

First trace your child on a large sheet of craft paper. Veronika loved seeing her little mini-me image! Cut out and transfer the paper to an old sheet.

Bedtime Buddy (3)

Trace and cut out two times, so you now have two little versions of your child.

Bedtime Buddy (5)

As long as you’re more skilled than I am, sew the two halves together, then turn inside-out and stuff with cotton roving before flipping back to outside-in. Ideally, you’ll now have a little person just the same size as your child that he or she can take up to bed!

Bedtime Buddy (4)

Needless to say, as neither a seamstress nor artist, we realized the craft wasn’t working. I cut the legs from our version to make it smaller (more like a stuffed animal) and I wasn’t really able to stitch the two halves together in a durable way.

Still, Veronika loved helping decorate the face and body with fabric markers! We ended up with a little soft toy that was fun to play with.

Bedtime Buddy (6)

If you’re able to sew together a proper Bedtime Buddy, please share in the comments!


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