Apple Core Craft

Apple Core Craft (6)

We’ve been reading books about apples for fall, so this cute apple core craft was a fun hands-on extension. Bonus points if you share a real apple snack afterwards!

To start, paint two coffee filters red and leave them to dry on paper plates. If you have a standard brown toilet paper tube, paint it white and let dry. I had one that was already white, which saved that step.

Apple Core Craft (2)

Once the paint dries, apply glue to both rims of the toilet paper tube and attach the red coffee filters. To make a stem, glue two green construction paper leaves to a craft stick and insert into the top of the apple.

Apple Core Craft (3)

Don’t forget to add a few seeds with black marker! If you have a preschooler, you might consider cutting the seeds from black construction paper instead and gluing on. This will be great for honing fine motor skills.

Apple Core Craft (4)

This craft was so great for talking about all the different parts of the apple, whether stem, leaves, flesh, core, or seeds. Veronika loved pointing to each portion as we talked about the name for each!

Apple Core Craft (5)


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