Lemon Ink

Lemon Ink (1)

“Painting” with lemon juice sounded like a delightful trick to show a toddler. The ink goes on nearly invisible, but appears once the juice dries and is held up to a light. Turns out Travis was way more into the lemon itself, but that still meant we had fun!

Since toddlers don’t typically eat lemons, this is a great way to introduce the fruit and its color and texture. Travis had so much fun squeezing the lemon, and watching as I collected juice in a cup.

Lemon Ink (3)

Then it was time to “paint”! We used q-tips as paintbrushes, adding another layer of novelty to the project.

Lemon Ink (2)

To be honest, Travis was only mildly interested (he was still busy squeezing another lemon half), so I made shapes and spelled his name, in addition to his squiggles, for the big reveal. He had fun holding it up to our ceiling lights…

Lemon Ink (4)

…although the effect was best in the window.

Lemon Ink (5)


2 thoughts on “Lemon Ink

  1. JoAnna Lemaitre says:

    I wonder if you did a light watercolor wash over the dried lemon juice if the forms and shapes would come through…sort of like wax resist.

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