Papier-Mache Mountains

LP Habitats (13)

Papier-mâché projects are always such good goopy fun. It’s been ages since we last whipped up a batch of this simple flour-and-water paste, and this project was great for a cold afternoon.

First, find a cardboard base and grab a roll of aluminum foil, and enlist your kids into shaping the foil into mounds.

LP Habitats (7)

They don’t need to look like perfect mountains; any tall or humped shape will do! Glue down to the cardboard base and let dry.

A layer of masking tape will help the papier-mâché newspaper strips adhere better, and also further helps anchor the mountain range to the cardboard. After a quick glance, Travis decided this step was way too time-consuming, so mommy took over.

LP Habitats (8)

Next up: papier-mâché! We mixed 1 part water to 1 part flour for our goop, and ripped strips of newspaper.

LP Habitats (9)

Layer the newspapers all over your mountains and let dry.

Finally, the mountains received a coat of paint – Travis’s favorite part by far.

LP Habitats (10)

We ended up with very artistic mountains, including shades of blue and silver and black.

LP Habitats (12)

And of course puffy paint had to make an entrance, because no paint project is complete without puffy paint in our house these days.

LP Habitats (11)

Once the paint dried, we pulled out some animal toys from around the house.

LP Habitats (17)

Now our animals could traipse about the Himalayas (or Rockies, or Alps)!

LP Habitats (18)

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