Changing World

changing world (1)

Your baby’s world is changing constantly at two months old – there are so many things to discover each day! – and at the same time, the world around us is constantly changing, too, even in little ways. One great way to let your little one observe the world going by is to sit near a window together.

I propped Veronika on my knee and we started the game at home. I narrated to her what I could see that was stationary: the sky, the trees. But even more interesting was when someone went by: neighbors walking dogs, people getting mail, a delivery truck driving along. These seemingly mundane moments will be big events in the movie outside the window! Even the wind swaying the bushes.

changing world (2)

To extend the game, we headed to a local book store and took a seat by the cafe window. Once again, I could point out the world to Veronika: people strolling sidewalks, cars driving past, parked cars, the sunshine on the buildings.

changing world (3)

Don’t be afraid to narrate out loud! The more you say, the more language your baby will absorb.

changing world (4)


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