Get Physical

get physical (7)

Veronika and I have played games to verbally enhance her self-awareness, and today we concentrated more on physical awareness of her body parts. There are so many ways to talk to and play with a baby about the body, so today that was the focus of our interactions.

First, I sang classic songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” During each diaper change, I took the time to sing the song through, touching each adorable part, from the head…

get physical (1)

…to the toes.

get physical (3)

While we played in the living room, her big brother got in on the action!

get physical (5)

Big sibs will be so proud that they can show baby where each part is.

get physical (6)

I also emphasized body parts at today’s storytime. Where is Baby’s Belly Button, by Karen Katz, is a great example, with fun flaps and big pictures. Veronika loved our several reads of it!

get physical (4)

Finally, don’t forget to sit with your child by a mirror, and point out parts.

get physical (8)

What fun ways do you help your infant learn about the body? Please share in the comments!





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