Seek Out the Squeak

Seek Squeak (7)

This cute little activity will hone your baby’s skills in a number of areas: fine-tuning their hearing; playing with their sense of object permanence, and exciting them with a little anticipation!

First, I rounded up a few toys that squeak. I guess in our house that tends to be little pigs!

Seek Squeak (1)

Hide one squeaky toy under a scarf (or a dish towel would work), and make it squeak.

The muffled sound was less distinct than Veronika is used to. Where was the sound coming from?

Seek Squeak (2)

She homed in quickly on the scarf – although this may have been because the scarf itself looked novel and interesting.

Seek Squeak (3)

Tada! A squeaky toy. I squeaked it again as her reward, and praised her efforts.

Seek Squeak (4)

Uh oh, is that another faint squeak she heard?

Seek Squeak (5)

Now she knew how to locate the second toy.

Seek Squeak (6)

Okay, so maybe she was more thrilled with her little scarf toys than with the pigs underneath but she still was reaping the benefits of this game tangentially – and having lots of fun in the process!

Seek Squeak (8)


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