Summer Memory Jar

Summer Jar (8)

School’s out for summer! 

My boy is officially a pre-k graduate, and we have two glorious summer months ahead before Kindergarten. To make the most of it, we made this summer jar to fill.

First, glue a ribbon around the top of a mason jar. I purchased a large jar, in anticipation of lots of little mementos.

Summer Jar (1)

Use puffy paint to decorate the jar. I suggested to Travis that we make a yellow summer sun across the front, but Travis had other plans: big drippy blobs in lots of colors.

Summer Jar (3)

It took forever to dry, but why not – it’s his summer!

Summer Jar (5)

Once dry, I used marker to add “Summer 2019” across the top of the jar. We also tried writing “summer” with puffy paint, but this proved to be too drippy.

Summer Jar (4)

Now we’ll fill it, moment by moment and experience by experience.

On the first full day of summer, we did a family walk at a national park, and Travis very carefully selected the best rock to add to our jar.

Summer Jar (6)

I will post an update to this blog at the end of summer!

Summer Jar (7)

What’s in your summer jar? Please share in the comments!

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