Sensory Activity: Cool Whip

Cool Whip (6).JPG

Older toddlers can safely play with shaving cream, a fantastic material for sensory play, but if you need something for a younger toddler who still wants to see how everything tastes, look no further than whipped cream as a substitute.

For this game, I used the vegan CocoWhip from Soy Delicious. You could also use soy or rice whip from a spray can, but I worried the sound would startle Veronika!

Instead, I sat her down in her high chair and dolloped a big blob of the CocoWhip in front of her.

Cool Whip (1)

With December just around the corner, it was time to get in a snowy holiday spirit! So I added a few holiday items, like sparkly hair ties and Christmas cookie cutters.

Cool Whip (3)

She absolutely loved scooping the whipped cream into the cookie cutter shapes, almost like she was frosting them.

Cool Whip (5)

We also pretended her spatula was a snow plow, with fun sound effects, and I showed her how to spread the whipped cream thinly and thickly. Then we made whipped cream” cookies”!

Cool Whip (2)

The sparkly hair ties were fun to dip and dangle in it!

Cool Whip (8)

She had so much fun that when I asked if she was all done, she signed “more more”. A first!

Cool Whip (7)

I’d say this was one successful sensory experience. She had so much fun that we might try it again for other holiday themes, like Easter in the spring or with Halloween items in the fall.

Cool Whip (9)

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