Crunch Time Toast


Travis got to use the toaster for the first time today in this experimental snack project. It was a great edible tie-in to some recent learning about telling time.

The challenge was to toast two bread slices, but for different lengths of time, and then to compare and contrast them. Carefully, Travis popped in the first slice and set the timer for only 2 minutes.

Crunch Time Toast (1)

He was impatient after 1 minute, hence the very un-toasted slice of bread!

Crunch Time Toast (3)

We popped down the second slice and this time set the timer to 5 minutes. Again there was some impatience, so I would say this was a 3 minute slice of toast.

Crunch Time Toast (4)

But he clearly noticed how more time meant a browner slice, as well as crisper. To finish the snack, we added avocado to the top (sliced on the first and mashed on the second). He proudly sprinkled on salt and pepper for this very big-boy snack.

Crunch Time Toast (5)

The verdict was that he liked the toastier toast better!

Crunch Time Toast (2)


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