Ice-Cream Snowballs

Ice Cream Snowballs (7)

The weather hit an unseasonable 75 degrees F today, so we celebrated with homemade ice cream!

This project was a fantastic (edible!) addendum to Travis’s recent exploration of crystallization. To start, fill a large zip-top plastic bag about halfway with ice. Add 6 tablespoons coarse salt.

Ice Cream Snowballs (1)

In a sandwich-sized zip-top bag, combine 1/2 cup plain non-dairy creamer, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. Seal tightly.

Ice Cream Snowballs (2)

Place the creamer mixture in the larger bag, making sure it’s covered by the ice cubes. Now shake!

Ice Cream Snowballs (3)

Travis and I took turns, as the recommended shake time was 7 minutes.

Ice Cream Snowballs (4)

Whoops, a spill at about the 4 minute mark! But we were undaunted and kept going.

Ice Cream Snowballs (5)

At 5 minutes, we declared our ice cream done (and our arms exhausted).

Ice Cream Snowballs (6)

The ice cream turned out amazing! It looked crumbly at first, but after a few minutes it softened up just enough and was just like store-bought ice cream. Rainbow sprinkles were a must of course.

Ice Cream Snowballs (8)

Wow, ice cream on the back patio in March!

Ice Cream Snowballs (9)

What a treat this was for the kids.

Ice Cream Snowballs (10)


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