Puffy Shamrock

Puffy Shamrock (6)

This easy shamrock makes the perfect good luck charm for your front door this St. Patrick’s Day!

Older kids can trace a shamrock shape themselves on green cardstock, but I took care of that part for Travis and helped him cut out along any tricky curves.

Puffy Shamrock (1)

Originally the plan was just to cover it with green pom poms and we had quite an assortment: small ones, medium ones, and sparkly ones!

Puffy Shamrock (2)

As soon as Travis saw some wiggle eyes in our craft bin, though, he knew our shamroock needed them, so those got glued on first.

Puffy Shamrock (3)

He began adding drops of glue and filled in all the remaining space of the shamrock with pom poms, sometimes having fun with a pattern (“3 sparkly, 1 plain!”), and sometimes just in random order.

Puffy Shamrock (4)

He was very precise about filling in any tiny gaps with the small pom poms near the end.

Puffy Shamrock (5)

Once the glue dried, I added a loop of green ribbon on the back so we could hang it from the doorway. Here’s hoping for the luck of the Irish!

Puffy Shamrock (7)

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