Water Painting

Water Paint (5)

With sunshine on our back patio, Veronika had some water fun outside today after a morning cooped up for home schooling! This was the perfect game to occupy her during big brother’s “recess”.

I sat Veronika down on a soft blanket and presented her with a bucket full of water, paint brushes, and brown paper bags. The bags were to be her canvas, and my little artist went to work!

Water Paint (1)

She was fascinated watching her “paint” appear on the brown bags, instantly making dark marks, even though she also knew this was just water.

Water Paint (2)

We tested out the way the water made everything darker, whether the patio next to her…

Water Paint (3)

…or a rock from the yard. The rock was particularly fascinating, and she loved “painting” it for quite some time.

Water Paint (6)

I showed her that she could get her hand wet and make prints on the bags.

Water Painting (9)

After which she wanted to paint water on her hand for a while!

Water Paint (4)

She also loved watching big droplets of water drip from the brush if she held it up in the air. These made fun runnels of water over the brown paper bags.

Water Paint (7)

At one point we made a big puddle on the patio, and watched how quickly the sun turned the color to normal again. You can have fun doing this with shapes and letters for your little one, too; it’s the original invisible ink!

Water Paint (8)

Chances are your big kids might want to join in on this one, too.

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