Paper Finger Boomerang

Paper Boomerang (3)

Having recently tried out a real boomerang, Travis and I brought this little paper version to our home school “recess” today!

To make the boomerang, you’ll need a perfect square. Either measure with a ruler, or cut a piece of paper, fold it in half to form two triangles and then open back up again. Trace onto thin cardboard and cut out.

Paper Boomerang (1)

Cut out a boomerang shape, making sure to measure the same distance in from each side of the square. Travis decorated with crayons, rounded the corners, and then we were ready to flick!

Paper Boomerang (2)

We were surprised since we struggled with our store-bought toy, but this little one really does circle back to you! Because it’s so lightweight, you could even use it indoors on a rainy day. Note: We made the holder simply by cutting an additional strip of thin cardboard and folding in half.

Paper Boomerang (4)

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