Big Brother and Little Sister Shirts


Brother Sister Shirts (10)

It’s such an exciting development for my kids that now they can do projects together, as was the case with these brother-and-sister shirts. Obviously you can tailor the shirts to fit your family, whether that means two brothers, three sisters, or even mommy & me shirts!

Brother Sister Shirts (1)

I purchased blank white tees at the craft store in the kids’ sizes, and first wrote on the front “I am the little sister” and “I am the big brother” with fabric pens. Note: This is harder than it looks, because the fabric kept pulling!

We then wanted to put Veronika’s footprint on Travis’s shirt. I squirted a little fabric paint onto a sponge and pressed it to her foot, then pressed her foot to the fabric. It didn’t come out completely clear, but Travis loved knowing it’s there! If your big kids want to, have them put handprints on the little sibling’s shirt in the same manner.

Brother Sister Shirts (3)

Then the kids loved dabbing the sponge all over the shirts, squirting it first with different colors.

Brother Sister Shirts (5)

The fabric markers were running low on ink, but they discovered that they could squirt a little fabric paint onto a shirt and use the tip of the markers as the “paintbrush”.

Brother Sister Shirts (4)

They had so much fun making these!

Brother Sister Shirts (6)

And they looked adorable wearing them.

Brother Sister Shirts (8)

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