Paper Towel Drawing

Paper Towel Drawing (2)

Here’s an easy art hack for toddlers, especially if you have a child who wants to get into an older sibling’s art supplies. Give them a paper towel to mark up instead! Because the paper towel has absorbency, the colors blur and bleed in fascinating ways.

I gave Veronika four different color markers and showed her how to make thick lines across the paper towel.

Paper Towel Drawing (1)

She didn’t need to be shown twice! Soon she was coloring avidly, clearly interested with how the markers felt on the slightly bumpy surface.

Paper Towel Drawing (3)

Next I showed her how to press in one spot and make a dot (almost like dot markers). “Dot dot dot!” she started saying happily as she imitated.

Paper Towel Drawing (7)

She also said the names of the colors as she drew, parroting back “pink!” or “yellow!”

Paper Towel Drawing (5)

Eventually, I taped the paper towel pieces down so she could keep going without direct supervision.

Paper Towel Drawing (6)

Even when the paper towels slipped, I didn’t have to worry since the washable markers wipe clean from her high chair tray in a pinch.

Paper Towel Drawing (8)

Note: You can also try this activity on coffee filters, which we did later in the day. They have a similar absorbency for a similar effect.

Paper Towel Drawing (9)

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