Artwork Display

Artwork Display (10)

There are many things about my kids that make me sentimental, but I confess their artwork is not one of them. First of all, there is so much of it! And second, it takes up so much space. And let’s be honest: at first you’re amazed by every crayon line, but after a while those crayon scribbles start to look the same.

So here’s a fun way to display your toddler’s art and make them proud, but keep things rotating out the door! Display one piece, but toss it to make room as soon as there is a new one to display.

Artwork Display (1)

The simplest idea is simply to have a plastic frame on the wall where you can insert one drawing, then swap out for the next. Even easier, I like to hang Veronika’s latest artwork on the fridge. To make it feel special, today I helped her design her own artwork holder!

Hot-glue a magnet or magnetic strip to the back of a 12-inch ruler.

Artwork Display (3)

Next, use hot glue to attach spring-type clothespins to either side.

Artwork Display (2)

Now have fun decorating the ruler before you mount it on the fridge. Veronika glued on dried pasta and added marker scribbles.

Artwork Display (4)

I added her name using glue and glitter.

Artwork Display (6)

I didn’t have to wait long before she had her very next masterpiece of marker scribbles. Now I had the perfect place to display it, and will swap it out immediately for the next one that comes along.

Artwork Display (8)

A final idea to manage all that toddler art is simply to keep a digital record. I always take a snap of the kids’ art – no matter how grand or small – before tossing it. Consider staging a picture of your toddler surrounded by a few “masterpieces”, and then you won’t feel so bad tossing the real thing.

Artwork Display (9)

As an alternative, turn scribbles on paper into cylinders and make them works of art on a mantel! How do you deal with all the toddler artwork? Please share in the comments.

Artwork Display (5)

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