Firefly Craft

Firefly Craft (3)

Here’s a cute little firefly your kids can put together, and it really glows! Bonus points: it’s simple as can be to make.

Fold a piece of black construction paper in half, and draw a shape that looks like the head and body of a firefly as seen from the side. I copied a template from Highlights magazine, not quite trusting my artistic skills.

Firefly Craft (1)

Cut out, then use scraps of black paper to add legs. We also cut a small circle from yellow construction paper as the eye, and two yellow antennae.

Firefly Craft (2)

Glue the eye, antennae, and legs on with a glue stick. Now tape a yellow glow stick just under the tail, and watch him flicker!

Firefly Craft (4)

Travis liked the craft so much that we made a quick bee, too!

Firefly Craft (5)

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