Button Tap

Button Tap (5)

Mix up your toddler’s musical play with this silly D.I.Y. instrument. The buttons can be drumsticks, cymbals, or anything else your toddler imagines as you jam to favorite tunes.

To assemble, I used large two-hole buttons from the craft store and simply threaded one end of an elastic through each hole.

Button Tap (1)

Now, the two loops of the elastic stick out from the back. Slip these loops over fingers, then turn pots and pans upside-down for some classic drumming.

Button Tap (2)

Veronika didn’t actually like wearing the loops on her fingers, but she sure loved clanging the buttons against the pans.

Button Tap (3)

She also liked putting the buttons in the pan, covering with the lid, and then shaking it to make noise.

Button Tap (6)

For a slightly different version of buttons-on-pans, I hot-glued smaller buttons to the fingertips of an old garden glove.

Button Tap (7)

Now she could slip this on and tap tap tap her fingers against the metal.

Button Tap (9)

Consider this homemade instrument the next time you have a toddler sing-along over Zoom!

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