Wax Paper Art

Wax Paper Art (6)

Here’s a toddler-friendly art project that’s perfect if you find yourself with a handful of colorful leaves after a fall walk!

To start, I mixed together a little white glue with different colors of tempera paint in small cups. Veronika chose yellow and green. I set these out, along with paintbrushes and two roughly equal squares of wax paper.

I showed Veronika how to dip her paintbrush in the glue mixture and then paint all over the wax paper.

Wax Paper Art (1)

The more glue the better, which means this is the perfect task for a toddler who wants to make a mess! Veronika loved that this activity was both goopy and colorful.

Wax Paper Art (2)

Once the wax paper is covered, help your child add colorful leaves to one of the squares. Cover with the remaining wax paper square. Trim the edges to the same size once the glue mixture dries.

Wax Paper Art (4)

It was hard to see the leaves when our wax paper was down on the floor, but once taped up against the window, the sun makes the leaves peek through. The perfect autumn window decoration!

Wax Paper Art (5)

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