Halloween Shaving Cream Sensory Activity

Halloween Shaving Cream (6)

To get in the mood for all things orange this month, I turned the color into a sensory experience for Veronika today!

To start, I filled a shallow tray with a thick layer of foamy shaving cream. You can use orange food coloring for the next step, but I preferred to drizzle on some red and some yellow.

Halloween Shaving Cream (5)

This way, Veronika could see it “magically” turn orange as we mixed it all together.

Halloween Shaving Cream (3)

She wasn’t hesitant about getting her hands in it, but she quickly decided she didn’t like being goopy.

Halloween Shaving Cream (4)

Instead, I passed over a paintbrush. Now, she loved stirring through! So we pulled out orange and black construction paper and soon she was smearing the pages with the mixture. To make it more like puffy paint, add a little glue and stir to combine.

Halloween Shaving Cream (7)

As a final messy element (since, heck, we were already a mess!), sprinkle a little glitter on before the puffy paint dries. Once dry, scrape off any excess shaving cream.

Halloween Shaving Cream (8)

This is great way to have Halloween-themed sensory play with one- and two-year-olds, even before they’re old enough to understand the holiday!

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