Practical Math

Practical Math (3)

Veronika loves practicing the stairs these days, which reminded me that stairs are also the perfect place to practice… counting! While she exercises those little leg muscles, we can also exercise her brain.

As she climbs, we simply count up. Our stairs go to fifteen, which is a good stopping spot for a toddler anyway. She parrots along with me: “One, two, three.” She made me laugh when she jumped one time from seven to eleven!

Practical Math (1)

Hmm, now that we were thinking of practical ways to count around the house, what else could we easily count? I gave her a set of paper plates and cups, and we counted out place servings. One, two, three! You can do the same thing as you set the table with utensils or napkins.

Practical Math (4)

And of course don’t forget to count at snacktime. Anything like chips, cookies, nuts, or cereal pieces are perfect for counting out into piles.

Practical Math (2)

What else does your toddler like to count around the house? Doorways? Windows? Please share in the comments!

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