Unwind Outside

Unwind Outside (4).JPG

Happy New Year! We took advantage of an unseasonably warm January day to get outside… This simply activity felt magical with a baby who was born just before the weather turned cold, and hasn’t had many opportunities yet simply to be outside.

As long as it’s relatively warm and dry, head outside and let your baby nap in the fresh air. The air and sunshine will feel so wonderful, even as they doze!

Unwind Outside (1)

After a little while, Veronika woke up. I laid down a thick picnic blanket, and put her on her back under a tree.

Unwind Outside (2)

Even with no leaves, the pattern of the branches against the bright blue sky was just gorgeous. We took a great pause together, and I pointed out colors (blue sky, brown branches) and let her feel blades of grass.

Unwind Outside (3)

A beautiful pause in our afternoon.

Unwind Outside (5)


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