Cardboard Tube Star Garland

Star Garland (8).JPG

January always feels so sad after the holiday decorations come down – so why not leave some sparkle up in your home to brighten the dark winter days? To wit, this glittery star garland added shimmer and shine to the wall that held our holiday cards, up until a few days ago. Enlist your kids and you’ll have a fun afternoon project before school starts back up again!

Star Garland (4)

You’ll need paper tubes to make the garland, either toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls; for the latter, cut the tube into thirds.

Travis helped use grown-up scissors to make five slits in each tube, nearly to the edge. Fan out the slits and you have a star shape.

Star Garland (2)

We smeared a glue stick on each of the five arms, and pressed into a plate of glitter, one at a time.

Star Garland (3)

Set aside to dry. Because we used a glue stick instead of white glue, it dried fairly quickly.

Star Garland (5)

Travis got to use his new one-hole punch on one arm of each star.

Star Garland (6)

Thread a string or twine through the holes, and mount on a doorway, window, or wall for sparkly decoration.

Star Garland (9)

Happy January!

Star Garland (7)

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