White Noise

White Noise (2)

First-time parents tend to be nervous about noise and napping babies… But as a veteran, I can promise you that nothing is further from the truth. First of all, I recommend making noise as your child naps, simply so they don’t become precious sleepers. Travis can sleep through just about anything!

But perhaps even more counter-intuitive, common “loud” appliances actually provide white noise that helps babies sleep, provided they are not too close to the source and the decibel level isn’t too loud. Rather, it’s sharp, sudden noises that might startle a baby awake. (That adorable Moro reflex isn’t so cute when it interrupts a much-needed nap).

Perfect examples? The dryer, as Veronika models at the top of this post, and also the dishwasher.

White Noise (4)

Other things to try include humming air vents, or baby swings that come with built-in noise, such as the Mamaroo seat.

And yes, the vacuum… tho here’s Veronika checking it out very curious and awake!

White Noise (1)


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