Indoor Sledding

Indoor Sledding (1)

Why should big kids have all the sledding fun? Here’s a wild idea I never would have come up with until spotting in a baby game book. The cardboard “sled” is great for developing your little one’s muscles.

Lay your baby on a large, flat piece of cardboard; make sure the cardboard is completely smooth, with no staples, tape, or other items protruding out.

Indoor Sledding (4)

Very gently start to move the cardboard back and forth – this isn’t a downhill ride folks, just a gentle motion!

Veronika seemed to really enjoy it!

Indoor Sledding (2)

She instantly picked her head up to see what was going on, great for muscle development. Tummy time on steroids!

Indoor Sledding (5)

Because she was relaxed and happy, I also experimented with moving the cardboard forward and backward. Whee!

Indoor Sledding (3)

Here’s a quick clip of her ride:





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