Painted Star Jar

painted star jar (4)

The quest to quell Travis’s fear of the dark continues, and today we put together this great nightlight. Agency over the project and final product hopefully will help a four-year-old (or a child of any age!) feel safe in their room at night.

painted star jar (1)

First, we covered a mason jar with star stickers. Foam star stickers worked great, and peeled off easily when the time came. I’m not sure how well other stickers would work.

painted star jar (2)

Travis enjoyed this step so much that he insisted on covering a second jar in stickers, even though that one wasn’t going to be a nightlight!

We then covered the jar in a coat of pretty blue paint. We used tempera paint; make yours acrylic if you hope it will last a long time.

painted star jar (3)

Let dry completely, then peel off the stickers to reveal beautiful star shapes left behind.

At bedtime, slip a battery-operated tea light into the jar for a beautiful glow. Here’s to a good night’s sleep!

painted star jar (5)

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