Color Vision

color vision (1)

It’s never too early to introduce colors to your infant! Because your two-month-old’s eyes are now able to distinguish between shades, make sure to include a wide variety of colors in his or her toys. Today, I emphasized color each time she was on her playmat.

We have a set of shape toys that are in easy, bold colors, and they were perfect for this game (as opposed to multi-colored toys). I named each color in turn as I held it up to Veronika, and encouraged her to reach out.

color vision (2)

Some she wanted to grab onto.

color vision (3)

Purple and blue got big smiles – maybe those will be her favorite colors down the line!

color vision (4)

Then I set up all the colors in front of her for tummy time, so she could look at the rainbow.

color vision (5)

We played later in the day with musical instruments, and I showed her a few that were in bold, solid colors, like red rhythm sticks…

color vision (6)

… and purple maracas. What a great way to start introducing a rainbow-hued world.

color vision (7)


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