Noisy Toys

noisy toys (3)

Veronika has been reaching for her toys for a few weeks now, and is starting to get a good grip on those that I hold within reach – so it was time to teach her a little bit about cause and effect!

Toys that make noise are great for this purpose. The more your baby holds a toy, moves it, and then hears a noise, the better he or she will start to realize that they were able to create the noise through their actions.

So I put together a big pile of toys from our baby bin that made various sounds. Classic rattles are great for this of course, but I also added some with bells, crinkly sounds, and various other auditory fun.

noisy toys (1)

One by one, I held them out for Veronika, and let her take hold. She loved crinkling this one!

noisy toys (8)

When I rolled the beads inside this rattle, she began kicking her feet at it, almost like she was peddling a little stationary bike. She was clearly delighted at her actions and the effect!

noisy toys (6)

Noisy toys are also great on the go, as with this rattle book on a trip to the library.

Noisy Toys (9).jpg

While she was on her play mat today, I left the noisy toys scattered within reach, so that when her hand came down on one, she could grasp it and give it a try.

noisy toys (7)

Overall, a super fun way to introduce her to new toys and new concepts.

noisy toys (4)

The result of all that fun and mental stimulation in the morning? Napping soundly all afternoon!

noisy toys (5)


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