Book Swap

book swap (2)

Reading is now a nightly part of Veronika’s routine; here at two months old, she finally has a real “bedtime”! But the same few baby books can become old hat rather quickly, even after only a few weeks. We’ve had a heavy rotation of black & white-themed books for Veronika for a while, so it was time to swap in some new ones.

No need to head to the store and spend all your money for this activity. Make your library your best friend, and check out some of the classics. Some old favorites from when Travis was little include: Little Blue Truck; Peek-a-Who; the That’s Not My… series from Usborne Books, and Eric Carle’s My Very First Book of Colors.

book swap (3)

What’s good for your baby in their developmental stage right now? Bold colors, bright contrasts, and simple story lines.

book swap (1)

Many libraries also have suggested reading lists for babies. These can be a great way to search among the board books, if you don’t know where to start.

book swap (4)

Veronika seemed to feel special when I sat her down in my lap for storytime with the new books.

book swap (5)

And big siblings can be big helpers reading books, especially ones with flaps to open or lift.

book swap (6)

What’s on your infant’s reading list? Please share in the comments, and happy reading!

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